Friday, April 17, 2009

Excellent news on multiple fronts

Just because we haven't been posting, doesn't mean we haven't been active.  We've had amazing results over the past year and just today the judgement has come down against The Pirate Bay.  Each of the 4 principals has received a year in jail and a $4 Million dollar fine.  The other good news out of Sweden is:

On February 25, 2009, IPRED was introduced into Swedish Law. This means that the possessor of the rights (e.g. a record company) has the right to request IP addresses from the Internet supplier if there is a suspicion of somebody downloading files illegally. Since the day the law was put into force the Multimedia Sales Company, CDON, has reported a 20% increase in sales of music and films.

We think that this fact clearly proves that all ideas of filesharing as a mean to increase the sales of CD's is totally incorrect. On the contrary, it shows that the conditions are quite the opposite and that filesharing and other forms of piracy are damaging the possibility for the artist to support himself on his music

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FishBreaksWater said...

Awesome, Mars Hollow and pirated prog bands the world over thank you.