Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Coming out of the shadows

Anonymous bloggers seem to take great joy in 'outing' anyone who dares interfere with their piracy activity and make threats from the comfort of their parents basement.  So let's turn the tables a bit shall we and 'out' some bloggers and at the same time we'll expose the lie that they are only trying to help the arist as these emails will show, they know very well that piracy hurts the artist and are threatening to use it as a weapon:


X-Originating-IP: []
From: Guilherme Niehues "nokturnal.fukkchrist@hotmail.com"
Subject: Should I Laugh?
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 01:59:05 +0000
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Should I Laugh about you?
Nah, you closed a blog.
Great job.
Now find my other 9 blog, 3 forum and try to close my user at Soulseek and Emule software, bastard.
I'm sure you can't, so how a looser is now? Cry, bastard, cry!
I share about 30 thousands files in Soulseek and Emule, and what's better? I don't need to upload in megaupload for people to share, and you can't report. Easy no?
I'm sharing all of your stuff as always, and you can't do anything about it, impotent. I should laugh and piss on your carcass.
You can't do nothing to stop me sharing what I want.
Nah, the less famous blog ov mine is down. "Great thing", try hard. Really, try hard. 
Tell me if you have a way to stop me sharing your "shitty" stuff on internet. Please, I usually do not share shits, but some guys want to download it... so... sorry but you gonna loose money, always.
HAHA, who is laughing now?
HAHAHAHA... sorry, for making idiots like you loosing money every day.

X-Mailer: YahooMailRC/1277.35 YahooMailWebService/
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2009 14:57:52 -0700 (PDT)
From: Brad Scott "lbscottkc1@yahoo.com"
Reply-To: Brad Scott "lbskc_mo78@bigfoot.com"
Subject: Notice

The launch of "The Coalition to Sack Shawn Goron From Roswell Six and All Future Progressive Projects" is now official and already has members from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, all Scandanavian countries, Greece, Lithuania, Argentina, Poland, and several other countries. The audiences for our actions public libraries, book and record stores, Kevn J Anderson, the band members of Roswell Six, all progessive rock sites that are open, polical activist sites that are open, prog internet radio stations, public radio stations, nut case Bible Belt activist ministers who will be glad to believe you and your project are satanist in origin, Bible Belt radio stations, all private and public torrent sites, blogs, review sites, etc. and any any and all other avenuse we may choose to pursue. As a zealot, you have messed with the wrong people.


So, because we "dare" to protect our interests and stop people from giving away our work, we get this kind of unhinged hysteria and threats.  This is the real pirate community, and they are killing music for the rest of us.


Hansi said...

For a long time we have seen this. Pirates that are proud of their unethical, criminal activities. One of their "weapons" is to spread desinformation about record labels, acusing them for "using the poor bands bla bla bla".

Reality is the opposite. Most labels are making a living out of HELPING the bands and MAKING IT POSSIBLE to the audience to get hold of music to enjoy. Every release is a FINANCIAL RISK taken by the label. The worst scanario for the bands/artists is that the label DOES NOT SELL ENOUGH. Then they will NOT GET PAID PROPERLY.

How can labels pay the bands if the listeners download their music without giving anything in return by buying their music?

All our replies to pirates posted on the thread "Some comments on illegal downloading" is still valid. We haven't seen one simple argument why filesharing - in reality - should benefit any band whatsoever. It simply does not exist. All arguments pointing at that direction is fabricated in order to make bands believe they could benefit from giving their work away for free (geeesh).

Their are many artists openly protesting against being robbed by pirates (see our list from 2007) but there is also many artists/bands that support us but who does not dare to show it because they actually believe some of the pirates threats like "then we will not buy your next album".

I personally think it's a paradox.
Lokk at it again: "If you don't give it to me for free I will not buy it". Hmmm...some kind of normal intelligence lacking in that way of thinking.

Anyway...this is the kind´of "fans" pirates are, they threaten to ruin the artists if they can not have their work for free.

What can I say about that?
Well, "unpleasant", "selfish", "greedy" is words that comes to mind.

Being an artists myself but also working as label manager gives me the opportunity to actually know what the bands think about piracy. And I can tell you that they don't think filesharers are true fans.

Anonymous said...

orly? well i have 64 gb of torrents seding, DO STH ABOUT IT!

you cant control the way we get/give our stuff.

if i like the discography i had downloaded, perhaps i will buy 1 or two albums, if dont, i wont even know the name of the band.

most bands wont be recognized if it werent because of blogs or torrents.

so, no matter your manner of thinking, you cant stop it, but hey! at least you're gonna die trying!

Hansi said...

Most bands won't be recognized if it weren't because of blogs or torrents?

You really flatter yourself.

You know...once upon a time there was no such things as blogs or torrents but bands got recognized antway.

I'm afraid that the argument you just delivered is just another justification to enjoy others work without giving anything in return.

Anonymous said...

'there was a time' (mu must be very old ) and yeah and thats why ppl are able to get music from those times, because of torrents of weird stuff and bloggers who knows about music.
we do this because of the share, and not because of promoting some site like you.
i dont have money to buy all i would like to hear. what should i do? stop listening to music?
no, cause i have internet.

what you guys are doing here is ok, but you cant fight it. this is way too huge. not me, everything.

music industry is really ruining music. and i mean the real music. not mainstream shit, that is already doomed.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think it's sad when something like this appears: http://theshitholeishalfempty.blogspot.com/

A guy there who's clearly doing things out of spite.

When these blogs started appearing I liked them, as they tended to focus on forgotten releases, albums from a few years ago fallen into obscurity, vinyls long out of print given a second leash of life even if not a commercial one - and given a fair and often detailed description by the guy who wrote the blog.

These days it seems that the focus is on spreading everything, with well known artists and recent albums just as or more important than the obscurities - and the guys running these blogs are so lazy now that they don't even bother to do a write-up themselves, stealing others works even in that department.

Although the authors of this blog may disagree, I wouldn't have minded if the blog contained low quality files rather than high quality ones though - as I see it an album shared at 56 or 64 kb/s isn't a threat to sales, and if the write-ups had been used with the permission of the author as well it would have been a good thing in my eyes.

As of now though, too many of these sites come across as vengeful and spiteful, spreading contempt and ill feelings rather than positive vibes and a love for music.

AL said...

actually my blog was full or rare stuff (or what i believe to be rare where i live) also full with very "positive vibes and a love for music" and i dont think "love for the mnusic" means "buy the albums" eg: a band that i love, The flower kings, i got a torrent of them 1.5 years ago with everything, i listen to it, i loved them and then i buy 5 ( which is less than half) of their albums and 2 dvds, because i wanted to have them for real and not just in the mp3 file.

my blog was full of stuff encoded by myself at 128 kbps vbr, which i think is a test quality. (except for some 4 or 5 albums that a friend uploaded)

besides, cant say that a point of view is wrong or right, i understand yours, and i have my own, i like doing that, is not po(o)p music that everyone has, is rare ( yeah here bands like the flower kings, the tangent, green carnation, parralel or 90 degrees, beardfish ... are very very rare to find, the only way i manage to got album was asking to 1 store to bring them and it was too expensive, or internet sites and wait for the shiping, not so cheap either, and hell, i dont have enough money to buy all stuff i want to listen to)

so, yeah all was very "positive vibes and a love for music" (for me, from my point of view)until you guys destroy it, so now i'm having fun. in my way. and i'll keep doing what i'm doing, because i want to and no other reason than that.

so with all respect, screw you all mister Anonymus anti-pirate, do whatever you want, i'll do whatever i want.

one more thing, i have sen lots of blogs full of music besides mine and other one that was also destroyed by you guys. so, you just mess up with the small ones?

Hansi said...

When PAP was new some of us used to debate on forums and blogs. Bloggers loved to tell us that they were fans who wanted to help the bands by promoting their music. We then suggested that they should change their consept and ask the copyright owners for permission to use 1 or 2 tracks for free download of a certain album, and do reviews of it where they describe the music and why they love it. This would be a true way to help the bands they say the are fans of.

Only one of these guys who ran these blogs liked the idea. All the rest was not interested. It seems to me that getting music without paying for it was the reason rather than helping the bands.

This is NOT what I would call real fans. This is what I call egoism.

AL said...

hi me again, first why would i listen just to one or two tracks? i'm a fan of the music, i listen to full albums all the time. and believe me, if i had the money to buy all the stuff i want to listen i'll buy it. but i dont ( i have about 300 GB of music, imagine the ammount of money nedded :S:S:S ) but i didnt spend more than a few bucks on it.

i get the music, listen to it, learn it, love it.
i am a fan, but a fan of the music, not a fan of labels.

you didnt answer my question:
you guys just mess up with the small blogs? cause we all know, there are much more blogs sharing the same music. ( which is a good thing, keep it up!)

Hansi said...


What is it you don't get?
Labels help the bands by investing money and work in their music. When they sell the bands music they can pay the bands. If you (who call yourself a fan)don't pay for the music the bands don't get paid. In other words - you enjoy their work wothout givin them anything in return.

Is that so difficult to understand?

Hansi said...

We don't see it as we "mees up" any blogs. We simply delete the music that they have no right to spread for free. Is that also so frikking difficult to understand?
When you are taking the music for free we have the situation where we are actually paying for your pleasure and you don't give anything back to us. How can you be ok with that situation?

I am personally taking financially risks to help bands that I think is worth having their music released and people like you are doing your best to make this impossible. Do you then believe that the bands you say youre a fan of like what you are doing when you are ruining their chance to get helped out and have a better situation where they can afford, for instance, better mastering work so their music sounds as good as possible?

AL said...

good day, yeah, is freaking me again.

lets see
"Labels help the bands by investing money and work in their music. When they sell the bands music they can pay the bands. If you (who call yourself a fan)don't pay for the music the bands don't get paid. In other words - you enjoy their work wothout givin them anything in return."

i give them my love to admire in return :D:D:D
and yes, again, i get it, i just dont care about it, i told you, i love the music, i dont care about the rest.

was my question too freaking hard to understand for you?
lest me talk slower:

why do you guy just "delete music" (mess up) small blogs? are you actually afraid of the big ones?

"people like you are doing your best to make this impossible" THANKS!!!!!!!1111 i am flattered.

they have money enough, i think they get most of it from the tours or from ppl who do have money to muy all them records. (the bands i am fan of i did buy some of them, the ones i could afford, or the dvd's cause i dont like the pirates ones, because of image quiality).

so, in resume, i wont stop, because i'm on vacations and get bored easily, like me, millions of ppl are doing the same, your oppinion wont change our mind, your sabotage against us, will only make us try harder.
but is ok, as i say each to its owns, and at the end we all do what we want to (at least i know i dont have somebody telling me to do this)

Hansi said...


Thanks for being frank.
You simply don't care.
Got it.

I have already answered your other question.
We delete music that is not allowed to spread for free. It doesn't matter if the blog is big or small or whatever.

Melro, John said...


delete this pirate blog please...

One for the Vine said...

We aren't hit men John, do you have material of yours on that blog? You can file complaints with blogger easily enough, if you need to know how, just ask.

bjorn said...

You people need to stop seeing the world in black and white and start using the piracy market as a medium to start distributing and create attention around your music, and in general use it for what it's worth as a medium, instead of spending all all your energy fighting it. it might be illegal by law, but it's a culture you can't shut down, so I suggest you start using it as a market of attention like most new artists are starting to.

One for the Vine said...

We're still waiting for someone to provide the clear and detailed business plan of how giving away an album is a business model, we've been asking for 2 years now. Please, provide us details other than "other people are doing it", because they really aren't, maybe a handful, but it isn't widespread.

Hansi said...

Hello Bjorn,

Feel free to read other postings here at PAP, especiall the "Some comments on illegal downloading" from 2008. Here you'll find true data. The idea that free music should be of help to create attention is unfortunaly incorrect. This seems to be an idea that is spread among free loaders in order to justify why they are taking music without giving anything back.

If it was of good no one would object. It is as simple as that.

When you say "most new artists"...this is also an uncorrect statement. The absolute most albums you find for free downloading on blogs are put up against the will of the band.

Only a few agree to it and their attitude is often "Well...then at least someone listens to it, no one buys it anyway".

That is a dangerous situation if we want to keep up some kind of quality on what is released (see "Some comments on...").

And...I really don't get the idea why bands should be so darn happy about giving away their music for free. Souldn't it be the other way around? That the listener should be happy to have the opportunity to contribute and give something back for the joy of listening?

Anonymous said...

Alright protecting someone's interests, financial investment, etc. is find and dandy, however I HARSHLY resent the fact when my band (I will not mention our name because I refuse to get into a flame war over this) as "contributing to piracy"! We have decided to give away OUR music WE composed and OWN to various P2P sites INCLUDING The Pirate Bay, however recently we've been confronted with "you are contributing to "piracy" because people get used to downloading legal stuff for free which eventually leads to illegal downloading". This is pure bull crap!!!!!! You need to reign your people in, and put it in some type of perspective if you know what's good for you!

One for the Vine said...

You seem to have come to a very odd conclusion. We only care about our material, and you're doing what we've always said, which is if the artist wants to give it away, then that is their choice, we have nothing against people giving away their own material, so you shouldn't be concerned with hiding your identity, if you 'come out' you will likely get more people to check out your stuff.

What we do take extreme exception with is someone else deciding to give away our material. It isn't theirs to give away.

Anonymous said...

I support this website, there are many independent music stores that are closing down (that's a fact).
Money -> Time -> Research and knowledge.
You can say bye bye to independent music.

Live Prog said...

It is clearly a mentality thing. Bloggers, uploaders and whoever spreads music in a way that the artist does not get paid for, is robbing teh artist of his money.

If you deny that, you are blind!

Just ask yourself this simple question: would you get up every day and go to your work, just to find at the end of the month that you are not getting paid, just because your boss thinks you should work for free?

Musicians need to make a living. And they need money to keep on making music.

If you download because you can't buy everything, that is a stupid reason. I don't have the money for a new car...so I can just take one?

Give every reason you can, you are just foling yourself and refusing to accept teh truth, that it is wrong.

If you want to share music to support a band...fine...share a song or two...but not an entire discography! There are more than plenty ways to hear the music and make a decission to like the music or not.