Sunday, December 30, 2007

We the undersigned are against piracy/sharing

As musicians who have been around for a long time, we want to publically state that "sharing" our music with others without our permission is not only NOT in our best interests, it is also illegal and despite any argument to the contrary, we have demonstrable proof that it has drammatically hurt sales.  There are many ways to legally sample our music, Internet Radio is one excellent source, as are our band pages, myspace pages and record label pages.  There are many hundreds of other artists and labels associated with our group and it takes time to get everyone on the list, but we wanted to start our statement and the dialog.  We don't believe in suing people or any of that, but we do want you to understand the damage you are doing.  Please help us to continue making music that you enjoy by supporting us and purchasing that music instead of downloading it:

Martin Orford (IQ)
Nick Barrett (Pendragon)
Tom Truyers (Mindgames)
Hansi Cross (Cross)
Kim Stenberg (Magic Pie)
Tomas Bodin (The Flower Kings)
Göran Fors (Galleon)
Tomas Hjort (Cross)
Vynce Leff (Sensitive To Light)
JP Louveton (Nemo)
Myles Mangino (Planet of Sound Studio)
Tony Spada (Holding Pattern)
Cinthia Link (Surveillance)
Ulf Pettersson (Galleon)
JT Johanessen (Magic Pie)
Göran Johnsson (Galleon/Cross)
Malcolm Parker (Cyclops Records)
Gilbert Marshall (Magic Pie)
Birgitta Garpe (Progress Records
Kristoffer Gildenlow (Dial, ex-Pain of Salvation)
Jim Gilmour (Saga)
Michael Sadler (Saga, Psychic For Radio)
Kurt Barabas (Under The Sun, Amaran's Plight, Psychic For Radio)
Shawn Gordon (Psychic For Radio, ProgRock Records)
Erik Norlander (Rocket Scientists, Lana Lane)
Lana Lane
Jorge Alvelais
Rowen Poole (Persephone's Dream)
Hugo Flores (Project Creation)
Johnny (Transubstans Records)
Linus Kåse (Brighteye Brison)
Per Hallman (Brighteye Brison)
Matthias Harder (Sylvan)
Sebastian Harnack (Sylvan)
Daniel Eggenberger (Cosmos)
Will Mackie (Hoggwash)
Matthew Cohen (The Reasoning)
Rachel Cohen (The Reasoning)
Dylan Thompson (The Reasoning)
Lee Wright (The Reasoning)
Gareth Jones (The Reasoning)
Vinden Wylde (The Reasoning)
Per Malmberg (Salva)
Johan Lindqvist (Salva)
Stefan Gavik (Salva)
Lasse Bolin (Salva)
Fredrik Lindqvist (Salva)
Rikard Sjöblom (Beardfish)
Brian Cobb (Split Personality)
Steve Brockmann
Stefan Fredin (Trettioåriga Kriget)
Jens Lundberg (Blue Lemon)
Alex (Lizette &)
Martin Leamon (Crimson Sky)
Tim Burness
Steve Babb (Glass Hammer)
Mark Colton (Credo)
Tim Birrell (Credo)
Jim Murdoch (Credo)
Martin Meads (Credo)
Mike Varty (Credo)
David Robinson (F2 Music)
Olov Andersson (Grand Stand)
Kent Kroon (Friendship Time)
Derek Cook (Echoes)
Ron Brown (Ghost Circus)
Nicklas Barker (Anekdoten)
Michel St-Pere (Mystery, Unicorn Digital)
Henning Pauly (Frameshift, Chain, Solo)
Robert Berry (Alliance, Hush, 3, GTR, Magellan)
Nad Sylvan (Unifaun)
Bonamici (Unifaun)
Mats Johansson (Isildurs Bane)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Why we're here

This is a companion to the MySpace page and we're a group of musicians and small labels (which are also typically run by musicians) that are doing our best to help educate people on the problems with illegal downloading and how it really isn't helping and also to refute all the common excuses that come up.  We welcome intelligent and reasoned dialog and hope you can take something useful away from your visit here and help us to keep interesting and cutting edge music coming out, otherwise you're going to be listening to Hanna Montana and the Eagles because nothing else will be left.